Retirement PlanningRetirement Golden Gate Advisors

Golden Gate Advisors, Inc. helps you plan your retirement in several ways. It is estimated that approximately half of all US workers will retire by 60 years old, yet the average worker doesn't start saving for retirement until they are in their late thirties and even then the average savings rate is less than five percent of gross income. The average retiree can expect to be retired for a period of 20-25 years. Retirement life expectancy is expanding while work life expectancy is contracting. We help by calculating how much you should be saving for retirement each year by working with you to determine the following:

1. Capital needs projection at retirement. 

2. A Plan for investment and saving before retirement so that retirement goals are met. 

3. Qualified Plans (Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution) and Non-Qualified Plans available to the client are analyzed and recommendations given to improve performance.

4. Combine retirement planning with tax planning for maximum utilization of the tax deferred IRS code provisions. 

Investment PlanningInvestment Planning

Successful retirement planning is driven by good investment planning. From complex investment products to convoluted tax laws, planning for your financial success is complicated. We will help focus your objectives and illustrate how to achieve them. We can help implement and monitor your objectives using the necessary financial products and services. Throughout the process, we never lose sight that excellent personal service is an essential goal.

Golden Gate Advisors, Inc. investment management is centered on two main areas: Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation using a variation of Modern Portfolio Theory. Our goals are to increase net worth, plan for a secure retirement, provide investments that fight inflation and simplify everything. To determine the right mix, we utilize six steps in the investment planning process. These steps hold true for the beginning investor to the most sophisticated institutional investor.

1. Investment Means: The investor must first determine to invest and save rather than spend and consume.

2. Investment Time Horizon: Next the investor must determine the time period for the investments based on the financial objectives. The choices are from a combination of short-term investments to long-term investments.

3. Investment Risk vs. Investment Returns:  The investor must determine the acceptable level of risk for the portfolio based on the investor's tolerance for risk. As the level of risk increases so will the return potential and the loss potential.

4. Investment Selection: Investments are selected based on the goals determined in 2 and 3 above. These investments would fit the investor's time horizon and risk tolerance.

5. Investment Performance Evaluation: Once selected, investment performance should be evaluated in three ways. First, by comparing actual realized returns against expected returns. Second, by comparing actual realized returns against a benchmark. A typical benchmark used today is the S&P 500 Index. Third, investments should be reevaluated periodically to make sure they conform to the investor's original goals determined in 2 and 3 above.

6. Investment Adjustment: As goals and investment performance criteria change, the portfolio should be adjusted accordingly.  

Business PlanningBusiness Planning Golden Gate Advisors

Golden Gate Advisors, Inc. tm  provides entrepreneurial enterprises assistance in a number of areas including employee retirement plans, business plan development, crisis management, public relations, credit negotiation, estate planning and family ownership succession.

401(k) Plans: We provide setup and fee-based, as opposed to commission based, advice for small business sponsored employee 401(k) plans. We use low cost funds that incorporate fee transparency and risk management .

Real Estate InvestmentReal Estate Golden Gate Advisors

Golden Gate Advisors, Inc. tm expertise can help you deal with inherited property, donated property, new property investment and sale of existing property. As a California Licensed Real Estate Broker, we provide real estate services in three areas: real estate investment, real estate finance and expert witness testimony*.

One of the greatest wealth builders is investment in income producing real estate. We advise our clients in office, industrial, retail and apartment property types. Financial structures include new construction, rehabilitation, credit leases, and mortgages.

Real estate as a whole has had positive returns for many years. Past history has shown that ownership can be a good inflation hedge and provide a steady source of retirement income. There additionally are tax advantages to investment real estate ownership. Of course, real estate is also more illiquid than stocks and is subject to natural disasters, physical plant problems, and tenant credit problems. We provide the professional expertise essential to real estate investment success.

* Please note: Golden Gate Advisors staff names may not be invoked in forensic matters without consent, evidenced by a written engagement letter, the completion of a conflicts check, and payment of our minimum engagement fee.