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Golden Gate Advisors, Inc.™ advises clients on philanthropy through a low cost donor-advised fund structure. A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle where an individual, family, or organization makes an irrevocable contribution of personal assets to a public charity and at any time thereafter can recommend grant distributions to qualified charitable organizations. We assist you in establishing a DAF, providing fee-only investment advice throughout its life, and making donation distributions.

Our Donor Advised Fund structure offers:

      Immediacy:  On average, a DAF can be established within a week.

      Start-up Expenses:  None

      Excise Taxes:   None       

      Tax Deduction for Cash Gifts:  can be up to 50% of adjusted gross income

      Tax Deduction for Stock or Property: can be up to 30% of AGI.

      Required Payout:  None

      Privacy: Donors and donations can be kept confidential if desired.


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